Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Unit 7: Frisbee Golf

frisbee Golf

In the last two weeks of PE before break, we will be exploring Frisbee Golf. Scholars will learn proper Frisbee throwing form and how to aim their throws. Hula Hoops will act as the golf holes. Scholars will also learn about their Humerus bone as well as learn different plank variations (shoulder taps, thigh taps). As we finish up the second quarter, I would like to take a moment and thank you all for a great first half of the school year. 2019 was a wild ride and I'm so happy I could teach your son or daughter PE this year. I look forward to seeing them after the Winter break!

Have a happy holiday season!

Mr. Edmondson
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Monday, November 25, 2019

Unit 6: Bowling


Bowling is our next sport concentration for the next two weeks. Scholars will learn and practice rolling a small bowling ball and hitting targets. By the end, we will have a grade-wide competition to accrue as many knocked down pins as possible. In addition, we will be talking about the bones in our hands, wrist, and arms this week. Our exercises will focus on grip and arm strength.

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Edmondson
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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Unit 5: Hockey


For our next three weeks, our classes will be exploring the sport of hockey. Unfortunately, the sheet of ice I ordered for the MPR melted on its way here, so we will be playing floor hockey. Scholars will learn simple dribbling, passing, and shooting drills as we work up to playing full 5-on-5 hockey games. Our area of focus this week is the scholars leg muscles (hamstrings and calves). Scholars will learn exercises to strengthen their core and leg muscles.

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Edmondson
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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Unit 4: Soccer


For the next three weeks, scholars will be learning rules and skills for soccer. We will be focusing on dribbling, passing, and shooting specifically before we play squad vs squad soccer games. In fitness, scholars will be learning exercises to strengthen their legs. Our body parts of focus are our quadriceps and hamstrings. Kindergartners will practice basic dribbling, passing, and shooting on a goal. First graders will learn advanced dribbling, passing, and shooting against a goalkeeper. Second graders will also learn advanced dribbling, passing, shooting against a goalkeeper in addition to challenging games involving each skill.

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Edmondson
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Unit 3: Parachutes


This week, classes will be working together to master the parachute! A longstanding P.E. favorite, scholars will be playing games with the parachutes like Mushroom Color Fun Run and Shark Attack. Our fitness focus this week is on our ankles and we'll be exploring heel raises and jumping jacks. Our brief anatomical focus will be the many bones in our ankle and foot. Scholars will also learn to play Rock/Paper/Scissors Hula Hoops. 

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Edmondson
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Unit 2: Volleyball


This week, your scholar-athletes will head into our second unit: Volleyball. This unit is three weeks long. In addition to learning the sport, we will be exploring calisthenics like high knees, lunges, and squats. Your scholars will learn about the bones that make up their legs (femur, tibia & fibula, and tarsals). Scholars will learn proper bumping, setting, and serving positions. They will also play keep-me-up with balloons before finally playing full volleyball games with nets. We will be emphasizing integrity, teamwork, and communication.

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Edmondson

Monday, August 26, 2019

Unit 1: Dodgeball


This week, your scholar-athletes will begin our first game unit on dodgeball. This unit is two weeks long. In addition to the game, we will be exploring planks as an isometric exercise the first week and carioke (grapevines) as a dynamic exercise the second week. Scholars will learn standard rules for dodgeball as well as variations such as medic, pin, and castle. We will be emphasizing sportsmanship, catching techniques, honesty, and teamwork.

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Edmondson
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